Parsio & Zapier

Parsio & Zapier

Zapier is one of the most popular automation platforms so far. A higher-than-average price is explained by the fact of supporting 4000+ apps and by the platform being really intuitive and clear. Thanks to the Zapier/Parsio integration, you can connect Parsio to any app you choose and thus automate your workflow in a few clicks.

We will provide you just a few examples of what you can achieve with the help of the Zapier/Parsio connection:

  • Notify your team about new leads/customers
  • Export to spreadsheets every new reply received in a survey app
  • Subscribe clients to newsletters.
  • Upload PDF files automatically to cloud storage
  • Extract your data to accounting apps

Let’s get more into details of how it works.

After signing in, you get to the Dashboard where you can create your Zaps.

Set up a trigger and an action to create a workflow. Now every time Parsio receives an email or an attachment, the data will be automatically exported to the app of your choice (Google Drive in our case).

Now you can modify your Zaps, search in history and create new ones. With the free plan, you can perform up to 100 free tasks/month.

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Being able to connect several software applications can significantly automate your workflow. If data is what you deal with on a regular basis, you might have quite a bunch of different steps to perform manually between different work streams: copy-pasting and consolidating data, managing websites,…

To find out more about what Parsio can offer, watch this quick 2-minutes video on how to get started.

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